Exciting Things to Do with Friends at Springfield Missouri


Springfield Missouri is a great destination founded with a great desire to celebrate life's greatest pleasures. The beauty of the Ozarks and the vibrant metropolitan city are just among the great things that make Springfield an enjoyable destination. It is a city that still boasts of its American heritage therefore when you visit the place you are bound to feel at home. It has highly ranked universities and its nickname is 'Birthplace of Route 66'. The city was incorporated in 1838 and ever since it has been growing to a fantastic place. It is therefore suitable for a family vacation.

Take a tram ride through the fantastic caverns. These caves are the only in North America that allow tourists to ride through. Trams are where the tourists sit and they are moved by a jeep enabling them to get a good view of the caves. In the ancient days the caves were curved out by a river. It has been used as a venue for holding music events in the 1950's. Visiting the Dickerson park zoo is also a fun thing to do with friends. There are a wide variety of animal species in this zoo as they represent about 160 different species. The zoo is kept standing by use of memberships and donations. The over 500 different animals are quite a site to see.

A visit at the home of Missouri is another great idea. This is the Pythias castle which is was built decades ago so that the Pythias community including their family and retired members and orphans can stay there. It is a spectacular historic site. Tours are available all year and the building is said to be haunted. The Gillioz theatre is a great place to go with friends to watch a show. It has a great architecture made majorly of concrete and steel with bits of wood used on door frames, doors and handrails. It hosts music events and other movies, click here to get started !

You can also go with friends at the Discover center of Springfield which is a museum that enables the visitor get hands on in the activities that are there. It was made to have interactive exhibits for people of all age to get hands on. The Landers Theatre is another great place to watch shows and even movies since 1909. The building is made out of wood at a time when the buildings were made out of concrete and steel. To get more ideas on what activities to do in Springfield Missouri, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure .